5 unconventional mortgage rules that changed my life. 

+ BONUS PDF download


5 unconventional mortgage rules that changed my life. 

+ BONUS PDF download

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It all started when I bought my first home.



I was a new REALTOR® at the time but even newer to buying a home for my own use.



Getting a mortgage was new too.



It was scary.



It was intimidating.



There were so many options.



Why is it so confusing to get a mortgage?



And did the bank even give a s**t about me?



I definitely didn't want to get it wrong.



I was almost ready to give up. 



Could I be a renter for the rest of my life though?




Thank goodness for my friend Jan.



Jan was a mortgage broker and had been helping people for years.



She was one of the best in the business.



She cared deeply about her clients.



Even more importantly, she cared deeply about me.




Jan didn't want me to get caught by the big bank's tricks.



You know the ones (or maybe you don't).



They want to get you to agree to a long mortgage, with brutal terms and even worse rates that anyone with a pulse could get.



They try to set you up to make money at the start of your home ownership journey, during the time you own, and worst of all, AFTER.




They are sneaky ones, the big banks. 



My friend Jan helped me avoid overpaying for a mortgage. 



She helped me avoid losing thousands of dollars to the bank years down the road.



She gave me invaluable advice that has served me well in my own home ownership journey.



Advice I have been fortunate enough to pass along to my clients.



Times have really changed since those days, almost 15 years ago now.



Our real estate team has taken off, we are in the top 1% of the real estate industry for the last 6 years.



We have helped hundreds and hundreds of people.



Personally, my mortgage problems have disappeared too. 



Today, I am grateful to say I am mortgage-free.



Yes, you read that correctly, mortgage-free.



The best yet though?



My clients use this information to help them save buckets of money.



And hopefully become mortgage free faster too.



It doesn't just end there though.



My team's name is the Germyn Group, we work with Macdonald Realty in South Surrey, BC.



We have decided not to idly sit by while we watch home buyers lose thousands to the bank.



It's not fair to them.



There is a better way.



We have created a video just for people like you, looking to buy a home and really wanting to get it right the first time. 


(this is kind of our slogan- see what I mean here)



We have put together a PDF download for you to follow along with as well.



And lastly, we have collected the best tips and tricks for anyone looking to buy a home sent out over email in the course of a few weeks.



And it works.



It has helped hundreds of our home buyers save thousands.



Don't take our word for it though.




We are the Germyn Group and we are here to make sure you don't fall for the tricks the banks use to get home buyers to overpay for their mortgages.

The #1 reason why home buyers get railroaded by the bank, no matter how hard they try to avoid it. 

How to eliminate hidden fees that can cost you $1000s. 6/10 home buyers get caught on this one everytime.

What you should NEVER, EVER agree to when getting a mortgage. This trap is easy to side step like a pro.

And much, much more!

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